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Master Plan Scope

Reimagine Reno is the public engagement program that will inform the update to the Master Plan through online and in-person input opportunities.

The Master Plan is the guiding document for how Reno should develop over the next 20 years. As a guiding document, the policies within the Plan are all phrased with the word “should” instead of “shall” or “must.” The Plan’s vision needs to be translated into regulations–such as Title 18 that controls development patterns– and budgets–such as the annual Capital Improvement Plan–to ensure the vision is realized. This is why a strong implementation plan will be a central element to the Master Plan update and follow-through will be critical to our success at realizing our vision.

The Master Plan takes a citywide focus for the broad visioning and policy work. As an extra layer to the citywide policies, the Plan also contains policies for specific sub-geographies, like critical transportation corridors and neighborhoods with special characteristics that are designated appropriate for more detailed planning.

Review the Citywide, Center, Corridor and Neighborhood policies and plans contained in the existing Master Plan.

The City of Reno cannot realize the vision alone. While there some areas directly controlled by the City– such as land-use, provision of public services, facilities, open space and certain public infrastructure–many areas are shared with other jurisdictions–such as transportation, affordable housing, disaster preparedness and resilience to climate change–where the City must partner with allied agencies to influence decisions according to the vision of the Master Plan. Below is a list of those areas and how the City will endeavor the make connections in the Master Planning process.

Transportation Policy

Set and carried out by the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) with input from the City of Reno, City of Sparks and Washoe County. RTC plans, builds and maintains local and regional roads and highways. RTC plans and runs the public transportation system of buses and express buses, as well as plans and builds bike lanes. In 2013 RTC finalized long-range planning policies and priorities for the future of transportation in Reno and the region in the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan.  Reimagine Reno and the updated Master Plan will support the initiatives of the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan and coordinate with ongoing RTC work, such as the May 2015 Bike Share feasiblity study.

Regional Planning Policy

Covered by the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency (TMRPA) with input from jurisdictions throughout the Reno-Tahoe region. In 2013, TMRPA finalized the 20 year Regional Plan that directs where growth will occur, identifies development constrained areas that are not suitable for future development, sets priorities for infrastructure development and addresses natural resource management. Reimagine Reno and the updated Master Plan will support the initiatives of the Regional Plan and coordinate with ongoing TMRPA work.

Water Planning and Resource Management

The Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) is  a not-for-profit, community-owned water utility, overseen by elected officials and citizen appointees from Reno, Sparks and Washoe County. TMWA, along with the Northern Nevada Water Planning Commission (NNWPC) and Western Regional Water Commission (WRWC) is responsible for water planning and resource management, in addition to day-to-day water treatment and delivery. Reimagine Reno and the Master Plan update will coordinate with TMWA to ensure alignment between the updated Master Plan and community water needs.

UNR Master Planning

The vibrant academic community of the University of Nevada, Reno continues to grow and is reinforcing its role in the economic and civic life of the City of Reno. The most recent Campus Master Plan announced the expansion of the University south, into Downtown. The campus expansion will physically strengthen the University’s connection to the City and spur regeneration of Downtown into a thriving campus mixed-use community. Regimagine Reno and the updated Master Plan will support and best align with the vision of the UNR Master Plan.

Washoe County School District

The Washoe County School District (WCSD) is a public school district providing public education to students in Washoe County, Nevada, including the cities of Reno and Sparks, and the unincorporated communities of Verdi, Incline Village, and Gerlach. The WCSD currently has 64 elementary schools, 14 middle schools, and 13 high schools, among other education institutions. Reimagine Reno and the Master Plan update will coordinate with WSCD to ensure alignment with the WSCD Strategic Plan.

Washoe County Health District

The Washoe County Health District (WCHD) has jurisdiction over all public health matters in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County through the policy-making District Board of Health. The Washoe County Health District consists of five divisions: Administrative Health Services, Air Quality Management, Community and Clinical Health Services, Environmental Health Services and Epidemiology and Public Health Preparedness. Reimagine Reno and the Master Plan update will coordinate with WCHD to ensure alignment with community health needs.

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