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Today we’re releasing preliminary findings from ReImagine Reno – the first phase of the Master Plan update.  A big thank you to the 5824 residents who took the community survey and/or participated in a focus group. Learn more about how this initiative was the deepest public engagement in City of Reno’s history.

Perhaps the most compelling finding, and definitely one that was eagerly awaited, centered on community visioning. We asked residents to provide “Phrases that could describe Reno in 20 years”. Our residents identified four themes they thought captured the future direction Reno should pursue. In descending order of importance, they are:

  1. A base for outdoor activities
  2. An arts and culture center
  3. A technology center, and, polling equally, a university town

In terms of community values, there were nine that stood above the rest, in two tiers of importance:

First tier values:

  1. Safety
  2. Affordability
  3. Well-maintained and attractive built environment
  4. Sense of community

Second tier values:

  1. Local shopping and dining
  2. Ease of driving
  3. Access to outdoor activities
  4. Education
  5. Local food

There’s more! ReImagine Reno also captured preferences and ideas about housing, neighborhoods, amenities, demographics, and transit. We’re releasing all the data that was collected throughout the public process–the community survey, the free responses, audio recordings, and all the flipcharts from the focus groups–are all available in the appendix to the report.

Phase I Public Input Summary Report

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These results are great and this is such a fantastic thing that the City and Mayor have decided to pursue, this great community involvement and participation! We applaud the City of Reno and Mayor Schieve for this tremendous undertaking! It seems that a larger-than-life theme of open spaces and safe access to our wonderful community parks, such as Anderson Park right in the heart of Reno, had a strong component of support and we wholeheartedly agree!!! Reno is ready for fresh ideas and an eye toward outdoor activities & definitely ready for the kind of leadership that shows a real sense of concern over the path of development and its either complementing or the taking away from what we have here in Reno and value & cherish, our great outdoor recreation areas! It seems that your ‘word frequency analysis’ had as its 2nd place most often used word as “Parks”!!! Yea!!!

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