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Conservation, Open Space & Greenways is the most popular ReImagine Reno topic so far!

We have exceeded the 50-person capacity for RSVPs for the Conservation, Open Space & Greenways focus group happening tonight, August 20th at McKinley Arts and Culture Center. It is also a very popular topic in the survey responses. People love the natural beauty of the Truckee Meadows and are excited about outdoor recreation opportunities. Many comments focus on ideas for improvement–read a selection below and consider adding your own ideas by taking the ReImagine Reno survey.

Image of the Truckee Meadows with shrub grasses in foreground and striking clouds in the sky.
Photo credit: Lee Molof via #Renolens

“With the growing heat, I suggest an emphasis on trees which provide elegance, shade, wildlife habitat, and leisure.” – Submitted 7/28 7:57 AM

“I would like to see us take greater advantage of the Truckee River – aspire to be more like San Antonio’s River Walk. Have more green space, pocket gardens and trees.” – Submitted 7/27 3:27 PM

“The City should stop approving the destruction of local foothills in order to satisfy requests of builders to place houses on high foothill areas, and should remove the “blight” of city or area names in rock on the sides of hills, defacing the natural beauty.” – Submitted 7/27 12:52 PM

“I would like very much for the city to take on more cactus shrubs, flowers and plant as well as low water desert shrubs in the decor around town. After all we are high desert. I would love to see the Southwest ambiance for our community.” – Submitted 7/27 11:52 AM

“Enforce the dog leash law and get owners to pick up poop.” – Submitted 7/27 11:36

“Keep billboards to a minimum to enhance the appearance of our scenic landscape.” – Submitted 7/27 11:25 AM

“Maintain the sense of place — we are a high desert community surrounded by beautiful mountains and open space that provide scenery, recreation and pride.” – Submitted 7/27 10:18 AM

“Tree beautify… plant them EVERYWHERE ??” – Submitted 7/23 11:30 AM

“A footbridge from Idlewild over to Oxbow Park would be nice for connecting neighborhoods and parks and downtown… would make a good running and biking loop.” – Submitted 7/22 9:43 PM

“Outdoor activities related to mountain biking, pump track riding, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and bird-watching have the potential to significantly increase revenues. A network of well-maintained regional parks with modern facilities would attract sports tournaments and special events (weddings, conferences, reunions), also increasing revenues.” – Submitted 7/21 5:11 PM


I would love to see some of the older parks brought back to there old glory. Idlewild Park and Virginia Lake are both in need of some major upgrades. They are truly wonderful gems in this city! An expansion of the River Walk would be great. It would be wonderful to walk along the river on a safe well lit maintained pathway all the way from Idlewild Park to Wells Avenue (even dare I say as far as Sparks). Promoting Fishing and Rafting and Floating the River durning the summer.

Anderson Park and Bartley Ranch are two of our regions most beautiful amenities for bicyclists, runners, strolling with your dog and horseback riding. We need to create more and better pathways for access to these Open Space areas that are right in the heart of old Reno. Safe corridors for access is a must with development on the rise and traffic congestion along Kietzke, Virginia Street, and McCarran.

On the topics of parks, how about converting the old Park Lane Mall (now just a parking lot) into a city park?

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